Lighting Control Module (LCM)

The EtherDALI building automation system combines power and flexibility. Built using standard open protocols and proven technologies your installation is not only future proof but simple to maintain. All EtherDALI modules are designed to be quick and easy to install and commission, reducing costs and time on site.

intelligent Lighting Control Module (LCM) from  ia

intelligent Lighting Control Module (LCM) from ia

The plug and play multi master DALI lighting control module (LCM) allows quick and easy connectivity of all DALI luminaires with power and data. Each LCM can be connected with standard CAT 5e cables and connectors to create an EtherCAT network which allows fast and reliable energy saving lighting control system.

Typical Field Level Architecture using  ia 's Lighting Control Module

Typical Field Level Architecture using ia's Lighting Control Module

The 8 Port EtherCAT to DALI intelligent LCM offers all of the advantages of a traditional modular wiring system while adding the benefits of not having to address any DALI devices.

  • 8 Separate fully DALI compliant channels.
  • Power and control signals are distributed to all luminaires.
  • Up to 20 DALI devices may be connected per channel (maximum 16A total load).
  • EtherCAT ensures 100% compatibility with existing Beckhoff hardware and control software.
  • No DALI addressing is required - Even on channels with more than one device.
  • EtherCAT allows sub-millisecond synchronisation between slaves ensuring luminaires in large open plan areas fade together.
  • Auto discovery of DALI device types.
  • Lighting, BMS, Video and Access Control devices can be connected together on the same EtherCAT field bus.
  • Full DALI status reporting for each device.
  • EtherCAT uses standard CAT 5e cable and connectors ensuring quick and flexible installation.
  • Compatible with Tridonic Em-Pro emergency inverters.
  • High quality connectors reduce faults on site.
  • All DALI commands are implemented to use the standard Beckhoff Libraries ensuring backward and forward compatibility.
  • Up to 650,000 DALI devices may be controlled on a single network.